Olive Woolley Burt Award Ceremony, August 2023


August is my favorite month. Not because it is my birthday month, well, that’s too. But because it is cooler outside, summer trips are over, and the League of Utah Writers has the Quill Conference. It is a massive event for writers of all calibers and sizes, and it is fun to meet old friends and new faces. I love it and have attended their classes for several years in a row. But the biggest event is the Banquet and Award Ceremony for winners who submitted their stories for the writing contest. In my first year, I won two awards. The second year brought me four of those. This year, I won eight awards and a Gold Typewriter for my Picasso story, of which I’m very proud.

I debated if I should continue my Wall of Fame or store my certificates in the binder. Pride won. I dedicated another wall of my library to this year’s awards, spending the entire Labor Day weekend framing, panting, hanging, and admiring my efforts. When the day is gloomy, and my next review turns bad, I know where I will go. To my Wall of Fame.

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