Samples of my work

The Secret of Heather Ale
Contemporary Fiction

An excerpt from my first short story published in the Blue Quill Chapter Anthology, “Line of Sight”.

Valerie took a closer look at the jar of honey. She tilted the pint and watched as the sticky substance inside moved and altered the yellow hue from soft dandelion to rich amber. It was fascinating to think that each drop of precious liquid required two hundred flower visits for a single bee as nature called the bees to leave the comfort of their beehive into an unknown world of smells and colors. Valerie opened the lid and inhaled the herbal aroma of wildflowers. She scooped the first teaspoon of liquid gold. The amber blob lazily melted into a honey mini-lake filling the spoon to the edges. Valerie brought it to her lip and savored her first portion of refined nectar of sage, clover, and dandelion. It was sweet, sweet like honey. Serenity and nostalgia came upon Valerie’s restful mind as she closed her eyes for a moment forgetting her work troubles and disappointments, upset manager, and deadlines of her project. 

“From the bonny bells of heather

They brewed a drink long-syne,

Was sweeter far than honey,

Was stronger far than wine.

They brewed it and they drank it,

And lay in a blessed swound

For days and days together

In their dwellings underground.”

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