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Welcome to my website. I invite you to
share my writing journey, to have a glance at the author’s daily routine, to
learn about pitfall and undercurrents of publishing world, to be a part of
great writing community.
There is not a day in my life without a line –
written, read, imagined.

Hello, world!

Inna Valerie Lyon

Inna Valerie Lyon is a Russian bumpkin raised on a steady diet of cabbage and potatoes peppered with the required reading of Chekhov and Dostoevsky.
Inna works as an accountant and specializes in producing colorful aging reports and cute collection letters.
Between work, sports, three book clubs, and busy community life, she finds time to write creative shopping lists and occasional short stories in different genres. Inna is working on her first middle-grade novel about English Grammar, of all things.

Olive Woolley Burt Awards Winner in 2021, 2022, 2023

Multiple Awards in various categories

Gold Typewriter First Place 2023

Short Sotry

First Place: "Secret Society of the Master's Seven Muses" Inna Lyon

Proud member of the League of Utah Writers since 2020

Member of The Blue Quills Chapter since May 2020

Proud member of the League of Utah Writers since 2020

Member of The Infinite Monkeys Chapter since October 2020

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