Blog Post #3. My Busy Calendar

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No secret that I’m a social butterfly. I love talking to people, asking about families, and remembering their kids’ and dogs’ names. I enjoy listening to their stories, opinions, and shared feelings. And I thrive on being involved. Neighborhood street party, church BBQ, volunteering for community or work event – I go 100% and don’t look back.

I checked my busy October calendar and smiled at the pictures I took during the past month. What did I lose or gain, learn or teach and will remember or try to forget? Below is my short dairy with reflections on the October events and learned life wisdom.

October 1-2, 2021. Trip to Las Vegas. The Titanic Exhibit. I learned that this is the saddest page in human history. We learned our lesson about sea travel boats being better equipped. Titanic last passenger died in 2009.

October 3, 2021. Home. LDS conference. Numerous superior speeches. The one that impressed me the most was the “One percent better” by Michael A. Dunn about the astounding success of the UK cycling team by doing everything in life at 1% better than before.

October 7, 2021. Hale Theater. The Secret Garden musical. The famous lyrics of the closing reprise:

Stay there in the garden,
Where love grows free and wild.
Come to my garden.
Come, sweet child.

October 13, 2021. Silicon Slopes Summit at the Salt Palace. Volunteering for the “Meal for Million” event with hundreds of other people from all over the USA. The Hunger Fight’s organization motto was, “We believe every child should be well fed and well read!” brought tears to my eyes. I support this statement on every speck of my heart.

October 20, 2021. Blue Quill Chapter meeting. Sofia Pasternack presentation on the Mental Illnesses. My first book discussion on the chapter level with PowerPoint and quiz.

October 21-24, 2021. The Infinite Monkeys Chapter writers ‘retreat. Incredible weekend with my fellow writers. Yoga, meditation, hiking, movies, discussions, goals setting and goals checking it, and lots and lots of writing. I want to do it every week. Bonus: I found an agency and a mentor.

October 26, 2021. Trunk-or-Treat Ward party. So many great costumes and food. Paul and I were in charge of the party. You gotta love that back-breaking labor or enroll the younger crowd for help. The chiropractor’s visit followed.

October 27, 2021. Online. I found an illustrator on Fiverr for my future middle-grade book. She is an awesome artist. Stay tuned for the story updates and digital artwork.

Books read during October: Trailer Park Trickster by David Slayton, Maybe You Should Talk to Someone by Lori Gottlieb, Find Your Why by Simon Sinek, The Midnight Library by Matt Haig, Борис Акунин “Русский в Англии”.

My most popular post on social media collected 72 views and 12 comments. I posted a picture and a story about the young deer living under our patio. That was my social media blast post of the month. Not only did I get the most responses but also every other person stopped (my FB and Instagram friends from work and church) and asked how the deer is doing today. Too bad I don’t have any updates. Lettuce leaves and apple slices stayed untouched since Monday, October 25th. Where you are deer?

The calendar pages for November keep being marked with more events and activities. I won’t want it any other way. Until my hands and mind don’t work, I will be there sharing the whirlpool of events that touched my life.


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